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Vineyard Ultra Low Alcohol Gin & Tonic (25cl Can) NV


Rude Mechanicals

The distillation of Fine Wine & English Spirit fused with a clutch of hand-picked botanicals double-distilled in 200 litre copper alembics. We harmonise the skill of three specialist artisans in the spirit of Collaboration.

Meet the producer

Rude Mechanicals – like so many great nights, stories and mistakes – starts with wine.

After several combined...



Winemaker, Eric Monnin selects wine from our English vineyards, a core component of our gin to be. In his breezy old Essex barn, Dr John Walters crafts an original spirit from scratch. Our English wine is blended with only the very hearts of this distillate to create the unique base of our gin. Samantha Bailey’s specific botanical compote is then added to our base.The whole is then redistilled in 200l copper alembics for maximum extraction of flavour, texture and mouthfeel. The hearts of this distillate are plucked again and judiciously blended with our own tonic to create a low-alcohol but full-flavoured gin & tonic.

Tasting notes

Delicate tonic, with gentle citrus and floral aromas this pre-mixed canned G&T is a fantastic light option. Crisp, citrus flavours come from the specially selected botanicals which include lemon zest, maderin and clementine peel. All flavour and mouthfeel of the real thing with just 0.5% alcohol!

Food match

We believe Vineyard Ultra Low-Alcohol Gin & Tonic should be served like our full-strength gin – over ice in a heavy tumbler, garnished with a clutch of gently-squeezed black grapes. Its also delicious, chilled, straight from the fridge.


Non Vintage

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