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Rude Mechanicals Vineyard Gin Miniatures NV


Rude Mechanicals

Conceived in a vineyard, born in a barn...Vineyard Gin is the distillation of fine wine and English spirit fused with a clutch of hand-picked botanicals. Double distilled in 200 litre copper alembics we harmonise the skill of three specialist artisans in the spirit of collaboration.

Meet the producer

Rude Mechanicals – like so many great nights, stories and mistakes – starts with wine.

After several combined...



Boutinot has been fortunate to have been making brilliant wine all over the world for the last 40 years. It’s some of this wine that forms the base for the Rude Mechanicals Vineyard Gin. Born in a barn in the English countryside, we use a fully natural distillation process to create a product of the highest quality. Where others buy in mass-produced base spirit, we make it from scratch: wine from the vineyards is distilled in copper pot alembic stills to produce our own unique base spirit. The intensity of the flavours and aromas in Vineyard Gin come from the second distillation, where the botanicals are distilled into the gin rather than using cheaper compounding methods.

Tasting notes

A true botanical compôte of juniper, clementine flesh, lemon and mandarin zests, with fresh summer fruits and cardamom.

Food match

Enjoy with two parts proper tonic to one part Vineyard Gin. Serve over plenty of ice in a glass rim-rubbed with cucumber or basil. Garnish with mandarin peel or a slice of cucumber. Alternatively, simply pour yourself a measure of gin, wave to a bottle of tonic nearby, and get on with it.