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Teliani Wine People Asuretuli Shala 6X75 2018


Teliani Valley

Teliani's new project involves collaborations with artisan winemakers that they like all across Georgia. Each wine is essentially a one off, which may or may not be produced again in future under this label. This wine was made by Levan Bandzeladze, a 37 year old auditor from Bolnisi with a side line in winemaking since he was 18 years old.

Meet the producer

There has been a winery in the village since the 1800s and to ensure that this long history of winemaking continued, Teliani...



Made from 100% Asuretuli Shala, a rare grape variety which was discovered growing wild in the woods around Asureti by German settlers in the early 19th Century. This grape is only grown in and around the small village of Asureti which is located in the central Bolnisi region, South East Georgia, where wine has been made since the 6th C BC. The vineyard is 700masl and is made up of clay and limestone soils. Skin contact fermentation takes place for 8-12 day. Once the alcoholic fermentation is finished skins are separated from the wine and it continues to mature 10 days in oak barrels and later continues to mature in stainless tank.

Tasting notes

Red berries and rich cherry on the nose, with a lingering red pepper notes on the palate.

Food match

This wine pairs well with roast chicken, fruity tagines and tomato pasta dishes.