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Tabalí Talinay Vineyard Chardonnay, DO Valle de Limarí 2021


Viña Tabalí

Pure and precise and without doubt, one of Chile's best Chardonnays. Daily battonage and ageing in high quality French oak for 10 months results in a Chardonnay with Burgundian precision coupled with opulent citrus and tropical notes from the unique Talinay chalky limestone soils.

Meet the producer

Established in 2002, Tabalí is a pioneer and iconic winery situated in Limarí, on the edge of the Atacama Desert in...



The vineyards are located just 12 km from the Pacific Ocean, hidden away in a small valley of Limarí. This unique location provides truly excellent conditions for cool climate viticulture and is the only vineyard site in Chile to be planted over pure chalky limestone soil – producing elegant and refined wines. The constant breeze that drifts from the ocean and over the vines creates the coolest vineyards in Limarí. Maximum average temperatures in the summer months never go above 23.5°C so the harvest is 2-3 weeks later than other Chilean coastal regions. The small grapes were gently ripened by the cool summer days, freshened by the coastal breeze and "irrigated" by the local autumn mist, the famous “Camanchaca”. Proximity to the Atacama desert means that the vineyard is virtually rot and disease free. The fruit was hand picked in the second week in April and underwent a careful bunch selection by the viticulture team. Then the wine fermented in French oak barrels from prestigious sources such as Fontainebleau, Jupille and Vosges and was aged in them for 10 months.

Tasting notes

The nose shows the unique mineral character of the Talinay terroir along with citrus and tropical fruit notes. Thanks to the perfect phenolic ripeness of the grapes there is balance of freshness and fullness with a boney mineral character from the Talinay chalk. The wine finishes with a sappy tang reminiscent of a ripe Chablis but with Talinay's unique saline fingerprint.

Food match

Roast chicken, creamy fish and pasta dishes.