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Tabalí Pedregoso Gran Reserva Chardonnay, DO Valle de Limarí 2020


Viña Tabalí

Elegant Chardonnay from a unique vineyard site, with tremendous structure and minerality.

Meet the producer

Established in 2002, Tabalí is a pioneer and iconic winery situated in Limarí, on the edge of the Atacama Desert in...



The vineyard is located in the coastal part of the valley. This is an alluvial terrace interrupted by great ravines formed long ago by rivers that today are dry but have ample vegetation at their base. In the coastal area where this vineyard is located (24km from the sea), the alluvial terrace reveals different levels of clay at the surface. This gives way to a matrix of alluvial soil (volcanic rock which was rounded by erosion as it was carried many kilometres from high up in the mountains). This soil is very stony but has veins of limestone in the form of dust, mainly consisting of calcium carbonate. The limestone rocks in the high peaks of the Andes mountains were dragged by melting ice to the lower parts of the valley and deposited there as dust mixed with alluvial soil. This phenomenon is what marks the Limarí Valley as immediately different from Chile's other wine regions, as limestone produces very refreshing, mineral wines in a style quite different to those from the rest of the country, even cool areas. The harvest began in late March, when this variety had reached the optimum aromatic and phenolic ripeness. Later the clusters were carefully selected. 100% of the grapes were fermented in stainless steel tanks. Ageing in stainless steel tanks.

Tasting notes

Powerful and intense on the nose with mineral aromas, ripe fresh pineapple and hazelnuts. The palate is full-bodied with nice acidity and freshness. The fine finesse is due to the small proportion of the blend that is barrel fermented. The finish is long and satisfying, and elegantly poised.

Food match

Great with roast chicken and fish dishes - perhaps Vietnamese steamed trout?