St Piran's Cornish Rum - Boutinot

St Piran’s Cornish Rum NV


English Spirit

Named after the patron saint of Cornwall, who brought fortune to his countrymen with the discovery of tin; and famously loved a drink. This scratch-distilled rum is blended with Cornish water from the borehole at historic Treguddick Manor; truly an English rum with Cornish soul.

Meet the producer

Like all good stories, English Spirit’s story started with discovering a loophole in an archaic law, that prevented...



Pure sugar cane molasses - sourced from around the world. Not a drop of sugar cane syrup in sight. To legally call something a rum, it has to be made from a sugar cane byproduct: which either means molasses (the traditional way) or sugar cane syrup (which began use for commercial production in the 20th century). It’s much quicker and easier to use sugar cane syrup to make rum; which is why most distilleries do: using pure molasses is uncompromising, but utterly worth it for the end result. Dr John ferments the molasses himself, which whe then distils three times in copper pot stills.Approximately 200 litres of molasses ends up as 20 litres of rum: that’s how much is thrown away to perfect the spirit and strip out the bad stuff. Very low yield and much more fiddly than how rum is commonly made: but entirely worth it. The spirit is then cut down with water drawn from the borehole at Treguddick Manor: a site with over 1,000 years of Cornish history.

Tasting notes

Rich flavours of juicy raisins and cracked caramel, with a lick of coconut cream about it. All the result of triple distilling molasses in copper stills. Surprisingly smooth for an unaged rum, yet full bodied and packed with lingering flavours.

Food match

You can enjoy St Piran's Cornish Rum neat, and chilled. You can add a wedge of lime or a pinch of Cornish sea salt as a garnish if you like, served on the rocks. St Piran’s Cornish Rum also makes a base for a gobsmackingly tasty mojito; the smoothness of the spirit, plus the big flavours make for a lovely combo with lime, mint and sugar.