Signos de Origen ‘Los Morros’ Cabernet Sauvignon, Maipo Valley [Organic] 2016



Genuine non-interventionist wine making from Emiliana, this matches up to all levels of the natural wine criteria, and is classic blackcurrant charged Maipo Cabernet.

Meet the producer

Voted by Wines of Chile as "Winery of the Year 2016", Emiliana is one of Chile's most exciting producers and pioneers...



Soils are alluvial with good porosity and drainage. The land is flat, rich in minerals with a loamy-clay and muddy texture, irrigated by water coming from snow thaw in the mountains. The season 2014-2015 in the Valley of Maipo was characterized by being warm. The spring was favourable as there were no rains in flowering, which gave rise to a healthy and good harvest. The few frosts that occurred did not affect cabernet sauvignon since they were prior to sprouting. The rains, following the trend, were and concentrated in winter with a total of 230 mm fallen. The temperatures during maturation were high with maximum averages of 30 ° C in January and February and averages of 12.5 ° C for the same months. This led to an early harvest, together the oscillation thermal helped maintain natural acidity. The reception included a triple selection using conveyor belts before and after passing through the destemmer-crusher. The grapes then dropped gently (by gravity) into the fermentation tanks, where they underwent a 5-day pre-fermentation cold soak at 8ºC. Alcoholic fermentation took place in stainless steel tanks using only native yeasts at 24º–26ºC with a program of pumpovers determined by enological criteria. The new wine remained on its skins for an 8-day post-fermentation maceration at 22º–24ºC, for a total maceration (skin contact) time of 28–30 days. Malolactic fermentation took place naturally in barrels. The wine was then aged for 12 months. The wine is stabilized naturally, without treatments, and is only very lightly filtered at bottling with a 3–5 micron (absolute) cartridge. The wine was aged for 12 months, 48% in French oak barrels, 28% in concrete eggs, and 24% in a 2,000-liter French oak foudre.

Tasting notes

A lovely example of cabernet sauvignon with a beautiful purity. Ruby red in colour with a bright nose that offers aromas of ripe blackcurrant and licorice along with cedar wood notes. The palate recalls black currants and red cherry fruit with star anise spice, ripe tannis and a full juicy finish.

Food match

An interesting wine with meat-based dishes and stews. Ideal with oven-roasted pork ribs, grilled beef, or slow-cooked lamb. It is also excellent with duck magret and with strong, aged cheeses such as Emmental or rich, creamy cheeses such as Camembert.