Pour Le Vin Froid de Canard, Sauvignon Blanc, IGP Pays d'Oc - Boutinot

Pour Le Vin Froid de Canard, Sauvignon Blanc, IGP Pays d’Oc 2022


Boutinot France

"Cold like a duck"...just like Sauvignon should be served.

Meet the producer

Like all good stories, that of Boutinot France is both long and a little bit complicated! Boutinot began as a tiny importer...



Pour Le Vin is an energetic range of wines made from grapes sourced in the Languedoc and Gascony, providing the perfect balance between ripeness and freshness. They are made to showcase the best of French winemaking, and with a selection of five different grape varieties there is a wine for every occasion. Each wine is named after a different French idiom that represents its style and personality. These are wines made for sharing and socialising, and their labels are great conversation starters! Froid de Canard means “Cold like a duck”, or completely freezing. The grapes are sourced from cooler sites in the Languedoc where their flavours can develop fully whilst retaining their deliciously zippy acidity.

Tasting notes

Classic, well-balanced Sauvignon Blanc with acidity, herbaceous aromas and green apple fruit flavours that are as crisp as a frosty morning. Zippy and varietal, a proper mouth-watering Sauvignon!

Food match

Ideal as an aperitif or to begin a meal, and brilliant when shared with a Mediterranean mezze. Serve well chilled!