Domaine Mas Barrau Cabernet Franc, IGP Pays du Gard [Organic] - Boutinot

Domaine Mas Barrau Cabernet Franc, IGP Pays du Gard [Organic] 2022


Boutinot France

Cabernet Franc is much under-rated and is rarely cultivated outside its traditional habitats of Bordeaux and the Loire Valley. At Domaine Mas Barrau in the Gard region of Southern Rhône, Boutinot’s Guillaume Létang and Samantha Bailey have worked together with the family of this organic estate near Nîmes to produce a wine that sets new standards for Cabernet Franc from southern France.

Meet the producer

Like all good stories, that of Boutinot France is both long and a little bit complicated! Boutinot began as a tiny importer...



Guillaume Letang looked specifically for vines which are south-facing, and thus recieve the most sunlight, to source the Cabernet Franc grapes for this wine. The terroir is full of limestone which gives rich yet soft and lightly acidic wine; this in turn gives the drinker a pleasantly sweet sensation on the palate.

Tasting notes

Textured and luxurious this is a sophisticated Cabernet Franc from Gard. There is a wild 'after the rain' woodland perfume, with menthol and truffley hints. The palate is incredibly long and layered with bramble fruit, earthy peppery layers and a touch of sweet prune on the finish.

Food match

Juicy lamb shanks, rich tomato based dishes laced with roasted garlic and pepper, marinated steak with mashed potato and green beans or savour it at the end of the meal over a good cheeseboard.