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Domaine Fiumicicoli Rosé, AOP Corse Sartène [Organic] 2023


Domaine Fiumicicoli

Delicious, full-flavoured, pale rosé with real personality.

Meet the producer

Domaine Fiumicicoli (pronounced phew-me-chikoli) lies at the heart of Corse Sartène, considered to be one of the best...



Vineyards rise up from the slopes of the river on sandy/granitic soil ideally suited to growing the traditional Corsican grape varieties of Sciaccarello, Vermentino and Niellucciu. Founder Fèlix Andreani manages the 75 hectare vineyard with his son Simon. Vineyards are tended manually and, due to the proximity to the sea, benefit from the slightly cooler temperatures in this south west corner of Corsica. Occasionally one of the five winds - the Mistral, Libecciu, Tramontane, Gregale and Sirocco - blow through the vineyards, playing a regulating and purifying role, allowing Fèlix and Simon to avoid the use of herbicides and pesticides. The wine is Ecocert certified, indicating that the grapes have been organically farmed. It also carryies the French AB (Agriculture Biologique) organic certification, to qualify for which it must contain over 95% organic components. A basket press is used to produce the juice, Yeast is added and fermentation is controlled at a temperature of 16-18°C, which lasts about 12 to 18 days.

Tasting notes

Made from Sciaccarellu (a traditional Corsican grape variety), The pale pink hue of this wine belies the concentrated, rich textured flavours on the palate. An interesting savoury edge is complemented by full-flavoured berry fruit notes and gentle balancing acidity.

Food match

This well-structured rosé works with shellfish, pan-fried salmon and richly flavoured pasta dishes or enjoy by itself, chilled on a warm summer evening.