Domaine de Vedilhan Sauvignon Blanc, Pays d’Oc 2017


Made by Boutinot

Softly peachy and light on its feet, this is 12,000 miles from full-throttle Kiwi Sauv. This balances freshness with delicacy - if New Zealand Sauvignon isn't your style, try this!

Meet the producer

We have our own vineyards. We think this is important. It means we practice what we preach. We roll up our sleeves and get...



Domaine de Vedilhan (pronounced 'Domaine de Ved-ee-ohn') is the estate of the Fayet family based in the village of Moussan close to Narbonne. The property is quite unique in that there is a natural brook running around the outskirts which provides natural irrigation to give much needed water. This gives the wines their freshness and appeal; keeping the vines cool in a very hot climate. 50% of the production from this Domaine is used for Boutinot wines. Since 1999 our winemakers have been working closely with the Fayets on all aspects of the production, from when to harvest to the exact blend or style of wines. Vines are managed using the 'lutte raisonnée' method. Terroir is a combination of limestone, sand and sea shale, meaning the vines are trained to ‘dig deep’ for their nutrients and thus produce excellent quality grapes. The plots on the slopes are more gravelly or “cailloutis” and reserved for the reds. We also sometimes find little pieces of shells in the soil which have come from the sea. The 40 year old vines are managed using very traditional methods, whereby growers actively try not to use any chemicals or unnatural processes in their farming – respecting nature as much as they can.

Tasting notes

A wonderfully sunny style of Sauvignon Blanc with delicate smokey notes and a richly textured finish.

Food match

Unquestionably, the near mineral texture in the finish craves to be an aperitif before oysters, lobsters and all 'fruits de mer'.