Cuvée Jean-Paul Blanc Demi-Sec, IGP Côtes de Gascogne - Boutinot

Cuvée Jean-Paul Blanc Demi-Sec, IGP Côtes de Gascogne 2022


Boutinot France

An easy-drinking, medium dry Boutinot classic!

Meet the producer

Like all good stories, that of Boutinot France is both long and a little bit complicated! Boutinot began as a tiny importer...



The Gascony area of south west France is an excellent source of Colombard and Ugni Blanc which together provide a pleasant mix of tropical and herbaceous flavours. Vines are trained using the Guyot system and vigorous grape selection is used to capture the fresh aromatics and flavour. On delivery to the cellar, the grapes are cooled then undergo maceration on skins for 10-15 hours before pneumatic pressing and decanting to clear juice. We then keep the wine on fine lees to retain maximum freshness before blending into the final cuvée. To ensure freshness, we blend and bottle three of four times a year - an intricate process essential to maintaining stylistic continuity and quality, one which demands knowledge of how each component parcel will evolve. An additional level of residual sugar is permitted for the Demi-Sec to give a more rounded palate in comparison to the Sec.

Tasting notes

The deliciously fresh and aromatic nose has intense citrus and pear notes. A soft palate with a delicate floral character.

Food match

An easy quaffer and a wine that you could match with almost anything!