Cave de Tain Exploration Syrah 'Sans Sulfites Ajoutes' IGP Collines Rhodaniennes - Boutinot

Cave de Tain Exploration Syrah ‘Sans Sulfites Ajoutes’ IGP Collines Rhodaniennes 2019


Cave de Tain

From Syrah experts Cave de Tain, whose zest for innovation has made then experts too in wines without added sulphites.

Meet the producer

At the foot of the famous hill of Hermitage, the Cave de Tain co-operative produces five appellation d'origine contrôlée...



For Cave de Tain making a 'Sans Sulfites' Syrah isn’t just an experiment or attempt to keep up with trends; it is the epitomy of Tain’s philosophy. Syrah, a variety in which Cave de Tain excel, is sourced from vineyards in the hills (collines) of the northern Rhône. All growers practice reasoned (or even organic) viticulture as part of the strict sustainable practices laid down by the Vignerons en Development Durable (VDD), which Cave de Tain have followed since 2007. Vine health is paramount with practices such as 'epillonnage' (removing secondary shoots to aerate the grapes, increasing the vines restistance to humidity without the use of treatments) regularly monitored in each plot. All vineyards are within 15km of the cellar, meaning the grape harvest is delivered quickly and in prime condition, negating the need to add sulphur. In the winery (which benefitted from considerable investment in 2014) hygiene control measures are impeccable, another key factor in making a wine ‘sans sulphites’.

Tasting notes

Wild autumn fruit flavours and supple tannins with the edge and freshness of proper northern Rhône Syrah.

Food match

Perfect with grilled meats or a gamey terrine. Equally good with strong soft cheeses.