Cape Heights Rosé, Western Cape - Boutinot

Cape Heights Rosé, Western Cape 2022


Boutinot South Africa

A contemporary rosé from this traditional and truly 'at home in South Africa' grape variety.

Meet the producer

Boutinot South Africa is driven by our passion for discovery and desire to capture the real essence of South Africa in...



This rosé is made from only bush vines aged between 10 - 30+ years. The vineyards are cultivated under dryland conditions on Malmesbury Shale. Vine density is 3000 vines per hectare and the fruit is harvested by hand yielding 6-8t/ha. The vineyards of the Cape winelands, abundant with wild flora and fauna, boast fertile soils and an ideal climate to allow nature to flourish. Grapes are crushed and destemmed followed by 12 hours skin contact. Grapes are then lightly pressed with a bagpress to ensure that no harsh tannins are extracted. The juice is left to settle and innoculated prior to fermentation which takes place at a temperature of 12 -15 degrees C and usually lasts 3 weeks.

Tasting notes

As you would expect of proper Cinsault rosé from any part of the world, this is pale shallot skin in hue, with a nose of fresh cranberries and mountain fynbos. There’s then a super bright palate of cranberries again, pink grapefruit and mandarin. It finishes clean, gently textural with the vivid vibrancy you would expect of Atlantic Cinsault.

Food match

Served chilled, this is great picnic and barbeque wine for the summer. Try also with cold meats, seasonal salads or simply on its own.