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Arèle Vino Santo, Trentino DOC (50cl) 2005



Vino Santo Arèle is a delicious and renowned regional dessert wine produced from naturally raisined grapes. Although often associated with Tuscany, Vino Santo also boasts a long tradition in Trentino, where production started over 200 years ago.

Meet the producer

Cavit is a leading co-operative in the mountainous Trentino region of northeast Italy. The winery began as a consortium...



Produced from Nosiola grapes cultivated in vineyards situated between mountains at the foot of the Dolomites and connecting Trento to the northern shores of Lake Garda. Lake Garda strongly influences the climate, blowing constant warm, dry winds down the valley, whilst at night the temperatures are cooled by the breeze blowing down from the Dolomites. The resulting climate is sub-Mediterranean. Soils are mainly limestone. The well ripened grapes are harvested in October. After the late October harvest the grapes are dried for about six months on cane racks (called arele) in well-ventilated rooms; during this period they are enriched by the presence of Botrytis Cinerea (noble rot). Pressing takes place in spring (around Easter - hence the name Vino Santo) and is followed by a long fermentation and an eight year maturation period in small oak barrels.

Tasting notes

It is an extraordinarily intense and unctuous Vino di Meditazione with a deep golden copper colour, super-ripe aromas of dried apricots, figs and dates. Opulent and concentrated on the palate with amazingly intense flavours of raisins, apricots, honey and walnuts. The velvety, round, fruit characters coat the mouth leading to a very long and extraordinarily complex finish with refreshing acidity and surprising elegance.

Food match

Superb with fine tarts made with buttery pastry and fresh fruit, or with your favourite blue cheese. The traditional match for Vino Santo is with almond Cantucci.