‘Fide et Arte’ is the name given to the signature range of wines from Domaine Boutinot Rhône. Sourced from our vineyards above Cairanne and from exceptional terroir across the Côtes du Rhône, the range aims to express the very best of this diverse region. At the heart of this range is Les Coteaux - a blend that includes wine from some of the best-named villages in the southern Rhône, enriched with wines from Cairanne or Séguret, an unusual top down approach shared by high end producers. With our cru Cairanne wines we aim to revive age old traditions, making wines using time-honoured, natural methods. Each wine bears the motto ‘Fide et Arte’ - ‘Trust and Skill’ – and the distinctive Boutinot Bee. Together these symbolize wines made by working in harmony with nature, both in the vineyards and the cellar, with little intervention but a lot patience from winemakers Eric Monnin and Julien Dugas.

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