Circle of Life - Boutinot

Circle of Life tells the story of Waterkloof: a conventionally farmed amphitheatre of windswept vineyards with vast, untapped potential which, over ten years, has been transformed into a living, breathing, biodynamic farm that is now revealing its true self in the wines. In terms of flavour and character, the two wines in this range - Circle of Life Red and Circle of Life White - are neither defined by grape varietals, nor indeed a specific block within the vineyard, but instead encapsulate the myriad soils, aspects, altitudes and grape varieties found on the farm. Vines awaken from their rest in spring, growing and producing fruit until the next winter when they go to sleep again. This cycle is evident through the biodynamic practices that are followed by Waterkloof. Circle of Life is inspired by this cycle that exists not only on Waterkloof, but life in general.

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