Bottega Vinai - Boutinot

The Bottega Vinai range encompasses the wide spectrum of grape varieties found in the Trentino region, but only uses grapes specially selected from the most suitable vineyard plots. This means that just the top 3% of vineyard area available to them is used to source grapes for the Bottega Vinai wines.... and these are labour-intensive wines! Even for the mountainous Trentino area - where average workload is 450-500 hours per hecatre (6-7 times higher than other areas of Italy, as everything is done by hand) - working hours in Cavit's Bottega Vinai vineyards double to nearly 1,000 hrs per hectare. This is because they take a craftsman's approach to winemaking - grapes from different growers are vinified separately in small batches, and only the best wines in any vintage are blended together, under the guidance of head winemaker Anselmo Martini. The results show each grape at it's best - authentic, characterful, and produced to the highest quality.

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