Weingut Zahel - Boutinot

Meet the Producer

The ZAHEL family winery has a long and proud history in Vienna and Alex very much preserves and builds upon that history but he’s also right up at the cutting edge of contemporary thinking for the region as well. He produces a number of different Gemischter Satz, his Wiener feels typically Austrian for example (yes, we did write that) whilst the Nussberg has distinctly more weight and feels more Burgundian in style. He also produces a truly enticing range of wines which started out as experimental bottlings but which now make up a regular, though individually very limited, part of his range

A Note on Sustainability

Alex and the team are both organic and Demter biodynamic certified across all 95 parcels within the city limits of Vienna. They are also proud to announce that they will be one of the first European wineries to attain the regenerative farming certification, which takes into account the human impact of farming and its management to promote the regeneration of soil, water, air and biodiversity for the whole ecosystem.

Wines by Producer