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Meet the Producer

The Vitikultur Moser estate was originally founded by the famous Austrian wine producing pioneer, Lenz Moser. Lenz Moser's son, Sepp Moser, began operating under his own name in 1987, and handed over the direction of this family-owned estate to his own son Nikolaus in the year 2000.

This family estate comprises of 50 acres of vineyards in two prominent wine regions; Kremstal (22 ha) and Neusiedlersee (28 ha). In the Kremstal, Nikolaus produces an international range of varieties as well as the ever more important local varieties of Gruner Veltliner and Riesling. The reds are produced on the gravelly soils of the warm southern Neusiederslee village of Apetlon. All Vitikultur Moser wines have been organic (and all estate wines biodynamic) since 2007.

A Note on Sustainability

Vitikultur Moser harvest their grapes by hand and emphasise a 'gentle' vinification in the cellar with spontaneous fermentation -minimum intervention in the winemaking process encourages each wine to develop its own individual style.

In 2006 Nikolaus Moser officially moved the estate to biodynamic viticulture – one of the first to do so in Austria – and became Demeter certified. 2009 saw the release of the estate’s first certified organic wines. Nikolaus is very keen to reduce the amount of copper and sulphur used in the vineyards, and this year saw a reduction of two thirds over what was sprayed previously. He composts all the estates pomace and vine trimmings, and there is an ongoing effort to plant trees around the vineyards.

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