Meet the Producer

The Rude Mechanicals refers to a specific group of characters in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. These skilled labourers or craftsmen want to put on a play within this play. Similarly, every year Boutinot challenge some of our best Aussie producers to make something they might not usually make - a motley crew of talented and crafty winemakers given a chance to express themselves with something fun, different, exciting and a treat to drink... a small list of wines to sit within a bigger portfio list.

Recent examples include a Viognier-Pinot Gris blend from South Australia and a fizzy Frontignac-Gewürz. Told you these wines were different! Each year the range evolves, so keep an eye out for future funky hybrids. 'Rude Mechanicals' isn't just a cool name for a band.

Wines by Producer