Schieber Pincészet - Boutinot

Meet the Producer

The winery was established in 1978 as a family enterprise, under the name of Schieber Winery.

Vineyards are mainly located in two places – in the Baranya – valley and in the very famous Görögszó vineyard. Kadarka and Kékfrankos are mainly coming from the Baranya – valley , which is closed valley from the north. So it is very well protected from the cold northern winds. In the Baranya-valley they have ~40ha of vineyard and it has aspects for the east, west and south.  

Schieber pay extra attention to producing excellent quality entry level wines, and use eco-friendly integral growing technology in the production system. The winery consists of 3 cellars with 3000 hectolitres of storage space, mainly quality red wine mellowed in wood barrels.

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