Outlier Distilling Company - Boutinot

Meet the Producer

Outlier is a craft distillery on the Isle of Man, a small and independent island nestled in the middle of the Irish Sea. As the name suggests, they’re looking to do things a little differently from the mass market by producing a range of outstanding locally sourced spirits (where possible) and helping to create meaningful moments through their drinks. Using off-cuts from the local sawmill to power their wood-fired still in a converted milk shed on an UNESCO biosphere accredited farm (Ballakelly Farm in Andreas), they use locally sourced ingredients where possible, to create challenging spirits that stand out, both on your shelf and in your glass.

A Note on Sustainability

Outlier Distillery are a 100% wood-fired operation, all the wood used is waste from the local Sawmill and 100% Manx Grown from managed plantations. Water used for fermentation and liquoring back is drawn from the Farm's well (the Lhen Trench). They gravity-feed all liquid where possible and only use a small air-driven pump when totally necessary. No heating is used whatsoever in the distillery aside from the still and water boiling barrel which are also wood-fired.

They are a UNESCO Biosphere partner - the Isle of Man is the world's only Biosphere nation.

All bottles of Hoolie and Hurricane are hand filled, hand labelled, hand packed by Ian and Rick, and their families.

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