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Meet the Producer

El Porvenir de Cafayate is one of Salta's premium but very affordable, high altitude wine producers. This small, family-owned winery in Cafayate, specialises in Torrontes, Malbec, Tannat and red blends from 45-50 year old vineyards which are amongst the highest in the world at 1900m asl and surrounded by 20ft, 200+ year old monster cacti. Colour in the reds here is profound due to the exposure to prolonged mountain sunlight, with soft tannins thanks in part to the extreme diurnal temperature differences... some mornings the catcti are thick with frost but within a few hours temperatures soar to the mid/high 20s!

El Porvenir – “the future” has been the name of this estate since it was founded in 1890. The winery and vineyards were restored by the Romero-Marcuzzi family in the 1990s and the main team is made up of company Director, Lucía Romero Marcuzzi, Winemaker Francisco 'Paco' Puga, and Agricultural Engineer Daniel Guillén, whose joint goal is to capture the essence of Cafayate's unique high altitude characters through their remarkable range of wines.

A Note on Sustainability

El Porvenir de Cafayate are in the process of being certified to international sustainability and organic standards. In collaboration with the renowned certifier ECOCERT, they are working hard to meet the standards required and hope to be fully certified soon.
Soil health is prioritised across all vineyards by using techniques that minimize erosion and promote biodiversity with a proactive approach to reducing herbicide use. Since 2022 they have welcomed a flock of 50 sheep to the farms. These lovely companions play a fundamental role in sustainable agriculture. By grazing the vineyards, they contribute to reducing carbon dioxide emissions and minimizing soil compaction. As they move, they weed and fertilize naturally, helping to maintain a balanced ecological cycle. As a result, soils are enriched with increased oxygenation and microbial life.


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