Donovan Rall - Boutinot

Meet the Producer

You know when something feels ‘just right’… you can’t explain it… it just ‘IS’? Well, that’s how we feel about Donovan Rall who we think is simply one of the biggest talents in South Africa! The towering talent of this itinerant winemaker started out with his own wines back in 2008 after touring/working for a variety of wineries in Europe and Australasia. We were so blown away with his Vuurberg blends, that we partnered up with him for a couple of our own projects! Like Boutinot, Donovan is always on the lookout for amazing fruit that he can craft into something even more amazing; wines from old forgotten vineyards or isolated sites that are full of character, charm and flavour. Donovan trained with Eben Sadie and Miles Mossop before doing his own thing - creating wonderfully honest and natural wines that punch way above their weight.

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