Domaine Haut-Marin - Boutinot

Meet the Producer

Established in Gascony in 1920 by an adventurous Swiss winemaker, Jean Francois Morel. After starting with only 10 hectares Domaine Haut-Marin has now expanded to 270, but remains a family run enterprise to the present day, creating thirst quenching, fruit-forward wines. Elizabeth Prataveira, the 4th generation winemaker and owner, works alongside her brother Philippe who focuses on caring for the vineyards. The land of what is now the domaine was covered by the sea 23 million years ago, and so the soils are full of ancient marine fossils which are referenced in the names and labels of their wines.

A Note on Sustainability

Winemaker Elizabeth is herself very sensitive to many of the chemicals that can be used in making wine, and so is committed to working as organically as possible, using only organic fertilisers and the domaine is certified HVE level 3.

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