Domaine Fabien Duveau - Boutinot

Meet the Producer

8th generation winemaker Fabien Duveau is funny, serious, generous, excellent company and has one of the best Gallic shrugs in the business. He has around 20ha of vines spread across almost 40 different parcels in various parts of Saumur’s most famous and important vineyards. He works out of a remarkable 14th Century cellar carved deep into the tuffeau rock beneath the village of Chace, just south of Saumur itself.

A Note on Sustainability

Fabien’s farming and winemaking is entirely certified organic, with some workings of biodynamics here and there, that they’re considering working to certification. Fabien has banded together with other local winemakers to form Ecological Zone Resevoirs (EZR’s), which act as border areas of bushes, trees and vegetation to provide shelter, food, and breeding sites for insects, birds, and animals that in term can help with pest predation and pollination.

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