Daschbosch - Boutinot

Meet the Producer

Daschbosch crafts elegant wines and experimental wines whilst upholding traditional methods of wine-making and craftsmanship, since 1754, when the farm land was granted by the Governor of the Cape of Good Hope, Rijk Tulbagh. Their wines reflect the vastness of the South African landscape and reflect the decades of vines growing in one place, in the unyielding sun, the cold winter rain, the storms and winds, on a mountain, on a plain somewhere which produces these delicate but powerful wines.

A Note on Sustainability

Daschbosch wines are certified as part of South Africa’s sustainability accreditation, the ‘Integrated Production of Wine’ (IPW) system. The IPW scheme, started in 1998, consists of a set of audited guidelines specifying agricultural practices, manufacturing practices and bottling activities. Sustainability is one of the core values of the winery as they rely on a biological asset, grapes. Their approach is focused on environmental sustainability, as the environment is a focal point when farming high quality grapes. They implement sustainability by reducing their carbon footprint, water usage and the need for electricity by using solar energy. With deep roots in the local community they supplying water to a school, free accommodation for cellar employees and access to medical examinations.

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