Bodegas La Val - Boutinot

Meet the Producer

This Rías Baixas pioneer was founded in 1985 and has made its name over the past two decades for producing classically-styled, great quality Albariño. There are five sub-regions in Rías Baixas. Bodegas La Val are based in Condado do Tea - away from the coast and just over the Portuguese border.

In 2003, a brand new winery was built in Arantei, overlooking the Miño river, equipped with the most modern winemaking equipment. Its vines are around thirty years old and they are grown on the Pergola system, as is typical in the region. This aids the ventilation of the grapes, protecting them from excess humidity and mositure that leads to rot. All fruit is hand-harvested.

With over 90 hectares of vineyards across the region, La Val is one of the largest vineyard owners in Rías Baixas, and all its wines are produced from its own grapes. As a result, it is one of the most reliable sources of good quality, moderately-priced Albariño.

A Note on Sustainability

All treatments are carefully considered and strictly monitored in accordance with technical criteria supported by technology such as weather stations on each plot that give daily updates regarding diseases such as mildew, powdery mildew, black rot and botrytis. These treatments are logged in a field book and are compared with phytosanitary remains analysed by an accredited laboratory. La Val has also instigated a project to search for nanoparticle alternatives to the biocidal products used in all aspects of winemaking. Although the effectiveness has varied across the differing processes, La Val has manged to substantially reduce its sulphur dioxide use in the latter stages of its winemaking operations.

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