Azienda Agricola Prà - Boutinot

Meet the Producer

Graziano followed his father and grandfather into the wine business, studying oenonlogy, and taking over the family winery in the early 1980s. He bottled his first Soave vintage in 1983. Graziano now also produces red wines from his La Morandina estate in Valpolicella, and his reputation continues to grow. However, for many, his name is still synonymous with Soave - where he is regarded as one of a handful of world class producers who have revitalised the region.

A Note on Sustainability

Graziano Prà is a member of the Federazione Italiana Vignaioli Indipendenti (FIVI) – the Italian Federation of Independent Winegrowers – as well as of the Vignaioli del Soave association, both of which aim to respect the environment, implement less invasive winery practices, preserve the high quality of grapes and guarantee a certified supply chain for consumers.

Historically a Soave producer, Prà also had a desire to produce red wine and began a long search for the perfect vineyard to allow him to fulfil his ambition. He regards the higher, cooler, marl slopes of the La Morandina vineyard in the Valle di Mezzane as the new frontier of Valpolicella, and it allows him to adopt organic farming methods that don’t interfere with the natural balance established over time. His La Morandina vineyard is now certified organic, and his Soave vineyards are in conversion and some vintages will start to become certified organic soon.


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