Azienda Agricola Ferghettina - Boutinot

Meet the Producer

Italian sparkling wine is not all about Prosecco, as leading Franciacorta producer Ferghettina has proved time and time again.

Ferghettina is a family winery - established in 1991 by Roberto Gatti, and run with his wife Andreina, and their children Laura and Matteo. Starting with just 3-4ha of vineyard and a small production of Franciacorta Brut, Ferghettina has now grown to become one of the finest Franciacorta wineries.

Situated in the southern half of Lombardy on the edge of the town of Adro, just south of Lake Iseo, the majority of plantings are Chardonnay (approx. 70%) along with Pinot Noir (and just 4ha of Pinot Blanc for their still wines). They now have 200ha of vineyard across 11 different villages, mostly at 250-300m altitude. Each vineyard confers a unique character on the resulting base wine, giving Roberto a broad spectrum of styles to blend for each cuvée. It is this skilful blending, meticulous attention to detail and long bottle maturation that give Ferghettina's wines great finesse and individuality.

Matteo designed the eye-catching, square-based bottle used for Milledi and Rosé Brut. First used for the 2007 vintage (released in 2011), the triangular, flattened sides provide a surface area around two and a half times greater than that of a standard bottle, giving more lees-to-wine contact and therefore greater complexity.

A Note on Sustainability

Grapes are the only ingredient of Ferghettina’s work, an expression of an indissoluble bond with the soil, and as a mark of respect for its land the Gatti family converted its estate to organic farming, becoming fully certified by Valoritalia in 2017.

Over the course of the next two years, Ferghettina is planning to produce all of its own electrical energy requirements and it has already installed a network of pipes to collect rain water that is then used for irrigation.

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