Agricole Vallone - Boutinot

Meet the Producer

Founded in 1935, this well-established family winery is one of the original quality producers of the Salento peninsula. Of the family's 600 hectares of land spread over three estates, vineyards cover 170 hectares, whilst the rest is planted with a plethora of other agricultural crops, including some of the oldest olive groves in the country.

Sisters Vittoria and Maria Teresa, along with Francesco, Vallone own and run the estate - which was established by Vittoria and Maria Teresa's grandfather. They are supported by winemaker Dr. Graziana Grassini, a consultant with a degree in oenology from the University of Pisa, who works with some of the most prestigious family-owned wineries in Italy. The Vallone sisters produce wines consistently rated amongst the best in Puglia.

Agricole Vallone has two different winemaking facilities, each with the most advanced, up-to-date equipment. The Flaminio estate, near Brindisi, houses the cellar where all the wines are vinified, while the Copertino cellar, in the province of Lecce, carries out the process of maturation in oak, using both large botti and small French oak barrels. Their Tenuta Serranova estate lies up the coast from Brindisi.

A traditional company from sunny and vibrant southern Italy, the core of production centres around indigenous grape varieties, including Negroamaro, Susumaniello and Primitivo (for black grapes) and Fiano and Falanghina (for white).

A Note on Sustainability

Although not formally certified, Vallone farms some parcels of its vines in an organic manner.

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