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For our entire existence, we have championed great wine, produced and sold at great prices and made by great people. It’s a philosophy that has served us well, allowing us to truly love what we do day in and day out, and bring our wine to the people who enjoy it most, irrespective of budget or expertise.

We have, and always will have, fantastic relationships with our agencies and producers around the world; they are truly part of our family and without them, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do, and it certainly wouldn’t be as fun.

But there comes a time when travelling the world, meeting great winemakers and falling in love with their work, that you need a space of your own to turn that love into something tangible. A home away from home to produce your own work to fall in love with.

That’s the reason that over the last decade we’ve sought out and invested in our very own winemaking homes. What started in Cairanne in the Southern Rhône back in 2009, has grown to include properties in South Africa, northern Italy and East Sussex on our very own shores. The ambition for each is identical: to produce wine that we can be proud of and which showcase the best of what those regions have to offer.

Over the years our passion has grown and developed, and have a team of dedicated winemakers who live and breathe the area they work in and embody the ‘soul’ of the place. It’s thanks to those who work the land, who develop the blends, who design, bottle, pack and ship those wines to our customers that we are able to live out this dream of ours.

This year we’re going to be shining a spotlight on our homes around the world and the incredible people who make it all happen. We’d love you to get a sense of why we’re so passionate about the wine we make ourselves and so hope that you’ll keep your eyes peeled and share in our story.

Houses only become homes thanks to the people who live there. Wine is utterly worthless without the people who craft and shape it and others with whom to enjoy it. There’s more to this passion of ours than fermented grape juice and fancy tasting notes.

This is the year of our Homes and our People. We hope you’ll join us.

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