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A view of the Okanagan ValleyThe Okanagan Valley

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our first Canadian wine: Project B. A wine of two countries from a premium vineyard in the Okanagan Valley.

Project ‘B’ Sauvignon Blanc is a winemaking partnership between two worlds, Old and New.

Michael Bartier and Eric Monnin in Plot B

Boutinot’s Head Winemaker, Eric Monnin, has made it his mission to explore exciting New World regions and vineyards, from South Africa to Chile and Argentina. While exploring sites in Okanagan Valley he had an immediate connection with British Columbian Winemaker, Michael Bartier, and his deep understanding of the region’s strengths and potential.

Michael and Eric set out to create a wine that is Boutinot France in style, whilst honouring the land, viticulture and climate of the Okanagan Valley.

This first cuvée Sauvignon Blanc is sourced from a premium single vineyard in Oliver and is blended with a thimble of barrel-aged Semillon from the same site for texture and finesse. A classically French, New World wine.

Boutinot’s Project B was such a gratifying venture, allowing me to work with Eric and his colleagues at Boutinot France. Their approach, the respect for place and tradition, the expertise, the professionalism, the joy: it was all so refreshing. – Michael Bartier
Whilst discovering the breadth of the BC region, Michael and I blended our experiences of Northern Hemisphere climates to create this first cuvée of Sauvignon with a drop of magic. Creating Boutinot’s first Canadian wine has been an amazing experience that is just the beginning! – Eric Monnin
The Name

B‘ surfaced as a constant in this partnership: a Boutinot-Bartier team, our first harvest from Plot B and as a special nod to the Boutinot Rhone symbol of quality, the worker Bee… a common thread that connects all elements of this project.


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