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Boutinot Spirits have been busy growing their exciting new portfolio, and we’re thrilled to introduce a new producer in to the fold. 


Introducing Outlier Distilling Company! 




Outlier is a craft distillery on the Isle of Man, a small and independent island nestled in the middle of the Irish Sea. As the name suggests, they’re looking to do things a little differently from the mass market by producing a range of outstanding locally sourced spirits (where possible) and helping to create meaningful moments through their drinks.



Founded by friends Ian Warborn-Jones and Rick Dacey in June 2020. Ian, a winemaker turned spirit producer and Rick, a journalist turned comms consultant were both looking for a new challenge and following a chance meeting in 2019 they realised they could combine forces to make some great drinks. 








What you need to know:



  • Outlier are  working sustainably where they can: using off-cuts from the local sawmill to power their wood-fired still.
  • Outlier’s distillery is in a converted milk shed on an UNESCO biosphere accredited farm (Ballakelly Farm in Andreas).
  • They use locally sourced ingredients where possible, and Manx water throughout.
  • They create challenging spirits that stand out, both on your shelf and in your glass.
  • They champion local artists and commission them to create artistic, modern labels for their spirits.



Hoolie Manx White Rum


Hoolie is the Manx word for ‘bloody windy’, which it often is on the Isle of Man. Fermented from molasses in the old milking shed distillery and double distilled in a wood fired still, Hoolie delivers a malty liquorice gust with a charcoal filtered finish ready for daiquiris, mojitos or served simply with ginger ale and a wedge of lime . It makes a world beating daiquiri.










Outlier Hurricane White Rum


Outlier’s step up from Hoolie. Fermented from molasses in our old milking shed distillery and double distilled in our wood fired still, Hurricane blends overproof Hoolie rum with cask aged rum (also made by Outlier) to create a surprisingly smooth overproof that carries new American oak and Islay whiskey notes. Amazing in bold cocktails (think Zombie) or drunk neat as a sipping rum squeezed wedge of lime optional.









Both Rums are available to order now, if you’d like some more info please get in touch with us at 


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