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Spirits… but a little bit different. Copper canvas walks on the other side of the tracks when it comes to ‘normal’ in the world of spirits…





OK, here’s the story… As a team, we are looking to strike the perfect balance between ‘Boutinot Own Production’ and agency spirits within our portfolio. Copper Canvas is our new flagship brand, designed to be recognizable, disruptive on shelves and high quality at a great value price point.




Trends in the USA would suggest that flavoured Whiskeys are the new fashion and we’re getting ahead of the game – our Copper Canvas Salted Caramel Malt Based Liqueur and Peanut Butter Malt Based Liqueur have been inspired by this trend . The Drinks Business recently reported that the flavoured spirits sector, which grew to a value of US$16.03 billion in 2021, has been forecast to be valued at US$50.77 billion by 2029. 



We have adapted our flavoured malt based liqueur’s for the UK market and have dropped the sweetness and ramped up the flavours, meaning the liqueurs can just as easily be drunk over ice as they can be added in to cocktails. Perfect for drink explorers and cocktail innovators. We have also created a pre-mixed Whiskey Sour, again meeting the ever growing demand for ready to drink, convenient drinks from consumers. Our range is completed by a Vodka which is made in the UK, single distilled, and has a flavour without being ‘flavoured’ – all unusual for the industry and a Scratch Gin which is made from our own base spirit, which already sets it apart from 95% of the gins on shelves.




Our labels explore the two sides of the Copper Canvas distiller, the first being the master distiller who is serious in his craft of creating classic spirits and the other being the distiller’s desire to unleash their creativity to create new masterpieces using his copper stills and unending experimentation. 




Our malt based liqueur’s and Whiskey Sour are now available to order, Vodka and Gin will follow next month. If you’d like some more info please get in touch with us at or speak to your account manager.



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