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It has been almost three years since Boutinot dipped our toes into the spirits market and launched two gins – Henners Cloudy Gin & Vineyard Gin focused on our roots in the wine world, closely followed by a rum aged in Cairanne wine barrels. What originally began as an interest & curiosity has opened our eyes to the exciting and almost limitless world of Spirits. 

We are not moving away from being wine specialists – far from it. Our teams will be as dedicated, passionate, and focused on wine as ever. What we are now going to do is take the core principles of our wine business which serves customers and consumers so well and apply them to the wider drinks world with a specialist Spirits Team in place.



Our portfolio will consist of our much loved Rude Mechanicals brand, we’ll also be taking some well established spirits from our existing wine portfolio under our dedicated Spirits umbrella, thus giving them focus and opportunity to shine. We’ve got an exciting new brand in the pipeline, Copper Canvas, which will see a modern twist on some legacy spirits as well as quality gin and vodka.


We’re also thrilled to be bringing our long time collaborators English Spirits in to the portfolio.  Their English Rum’s, Sambuca and Limoncello are assets to our new division. 


We also have a superb existing network of producers across the globe who love to tell us about their non-wine products (and that of their friends!), this gives us the opportunity to explore new products from trusted agency partners which we’ll be bringing to you in the near future. But for now here’s a look at what we can bring to the bar! 






The Rude Mechanicals way is to be uncompromising in our efforts to produce the best drinks we can, working closely with master drink-makers, flavour experts and world-class palates to push us even further. Our guiding lights are absolute product quality and attention to detail at each stage of the process to ensure every sip is as good as it can be.  Everything we do is a joint effort. From cold fields to breezy barns, and round-the-clock drink-making, our products are the result of hard work and spirited collaboration.







Our original spirits partner on this journey. From the very beginning English Spirit has dared to do things differently, not settling for the industry standards or to an outcome that is simply ‘good enough’. Their pursuit for the perfection and dedication to create the very highest quality spirits is at the heart of their business, driving them forward on their epicurean adventure. Look out for their Old Salt Rum, the first rum to be made in the UK in 2012, as well as their Limongino (an English Lemoncello) and the only Sambuca made in the UK.







In Bodegas Rey Fernando de Castilla, located in the historic centre of the Jerez, here one can find the real treasures of this wine-making region. The famous brandies of Fernando de Castilla are made using only alembic distillates of selected white wines. These are first aged in new barrels of French and American oak and thereafter for long periods in barrels that have previously contained finest sherries. Only brandies of the highest categories of D.O:, named Solera Reserva and Solera Gran Reserva are produced in their cellars. Jerez was also an important producer of vermouth until the late 1960’s and now its popular again FdC have brought their Vermuts back to life.





GINBEY by Domaine des Tourelles 


Domaine des Tourelles was founded in 1868 by French adventurer François-Eugène Brun and is one of the most highly acclaimed and oldest wineries still operating in Lebanon. It was also the first commercial cellar in ‘modern’ Lebanon to produce wines and Arak. It was this expertise in Arak distilling and seeing the Gin trend booming which led Faouzi Issa to make his own signature Lebanese Gin.






We have always said that in theory we are a wine business, however really, we’re a people business…Our new Spirits division will also to be a people business and continue to build fantastic relationships with people and producers, and hopefully continue to pick up a good story or two – however they’ll about spirits when you speak with this team!


Get in touch with us at and we can let you know all about what we can offer and put you on the list to hear our latest product news and tasting events.