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Sustainability seems to be a buzzword of the moment, having moved from a niche interest into the mainstream consciousness. The world of wine hasn’t escaped and winemakers are more aware than ever over the impact they are having on the environment. We spoke to Carlo Manera from Il Cascinone to find out how they’re leading the way in terms of sustainable winemaking.

You might have seen us mention in our last blog that sustainability is an idea that resonates with the modern-day consumer, but that as a movement it seems to have gone a little bit under the radar. It’s difficult to say why – perhaps it has been overlooked in favour of organics and biodynamics – but with over 70% of consumers, from Baby Boomers to Gen Z, expecting companies to care about the environment, it’s a trend that’s too big to ignore.

Whether you’re a winemaker, a restauranteur or a retailer it makes sense to get clued up about sustainability and to let your customers know what you’re doing in the name of ‘going green’. That’s exactly what our close partners over at Il Cascinone have done.

The wines from the Il Cascinone and La Battastina estates have recently obtained SQNPI certification which, to avoid going through the nitty-gritty detail of it all, essentially means that they are certified as sustainable and eco-compatible.


The aim is to be 100% sustainable from every point of view – from the cellar, to the vineyard and for the people who work the cellar as well.”

-Carlo Manera


That means re-using waste water from the cellar in vineyards and adopting some practices from organic farming, such as using no herbicides and pesticides to manage the vineyard. However, with such a large estate Carlo is insistent that this new sustainable vision is just as much about looking after his people as it is about looking after the land.

“In total, we have 900ha of vineyard, and so in bad years when we have particularly adverse conditions, it can reduce our harvest and production by up to 50%, which means organics isn’t very sustainable from a human point of view”.

There’s a balance to be had in making sure that the vineyards and cellars have the lowest impact possible on the environment while ensuring that those who work long hours all year round are able to have a guaranteed source of income come harvest time. Our own mindset has always been that our wine is the product of our people, so it’s no wonder that the Il Cascinone philosophy is one that speaks to the heart of what we’re all about.

Care for the environment is a top priority for everyone right now, and rightfully so. And there is certainly a place in there for organics, biodynamics and any other sort of ‘mindful’ winemaking practice, but sustainable wine – such as these from Il Cascinone – deserve greater recognition and consumer awareness than they currently get. We for one (ones? Not really sure if that makes sense…) are proud to champion them!

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