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Emiliana becomes the first Chilean company to obtain International Regenerative Certification.

Viña Emiliana has achieved a new milestone in its history and has become the first Chilean company to be Regenerative Organic Certified® (ROC®). This international accreditation for regenerative organic agriculture currently represents the highest standard of sustainable agriculture in the world.


Sebastián Tramón, Sustainability Manager at the winery said

At Emiliana we believe that the commitments to sustainability must be certified and credited. We want to tell the world that we are doing regenerative organic agriculture and therefore we turned to ROC®. What we do is real and it adjusts to strict standards; we do not lend ourselves to image washing or greenwashing, which means an ongoing commitment to organic agriculture acquired 25 years ago.

To achieve certification the company must be certified organic by the US Department of Agriculture and be Fair Trade certified, meaning that you cannot be regenerative without being organic first.  Strict requirements regarding soil health, animal welfare and social justice must be adhered to, with the adoption of farming practices that improve soils by increasing their organic matter, biodiversity and fertility. Alongside this, a commitment to improve workers social and economic conditions by providing constant training, ongoing professional development and dignified wages are also essential.


According to Tramón, regenerative organic agriculture is also key in the fight against climate change.

In this context, this positions us as world leaders. We are the biggest organic winery on the planet to have this certification, allowing us to focus on what is really important and which relates to soil management, how people are treated, and the conditions in which the collaborators participate”.


With sustainability increasingly influencing consumer purchasing, some wine drinkers are choosing to support brands that share these values. Emiliana offer organic, vegan and now fully certified sustainable wines at every price point with their Adobe, Novas and Signos ranges.

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