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Emiliana celebrating 20 years of organic and sustainable viticulture

Emiliana are one of our key longstanding agency partners, so you’re probably well aware of who they are and what they’re all about. But, when they got in touch to let us know that this is their 20th year of organic and sustainable winemaking, we thought it news worth passing on.

“I liked it before it was cool” is the kind of thing we all childishly want to point out when others start jumping on the bandwagon of your favourite musician, movie star, or niche interest. Your ‘thing’ is no longer ‘yours’, and it’s well annoying!

Now granted, there’s no longer anything ‘cool’ about caring for the environment – it’s an absolute necessity! Everyone is now rightfully required to pull their weight when it comes to mitigating the negative impact we have on the natural world around us. That said, if anyone can claim to “liking sustainability before it was cool”, it’s probably someone like Emiliana in Chile.

20 Years Celebrating Nature

This year Emiliana is celebrating 20 years of organic and sustainable viticulture on its estate, which I think we can all agree is a hefty achievement!

Founded in 1986, the team at Emiliana have long been pioneers of organic and biodynamic viticulture, and one of the jewels in the crown of Chilean winemaking as it’s burst on to the scene with real vigour within the last couple of decades or so. To add to their already stellar reputation the winery was officially certified as Carbon Neutral back in 2008 and have been working with growers in the area to spread the word on the benefits of organic agriculture to encourage change in the way the land is farmed in Chile.

At a time when wine drinkers are demanding greater transparency around the products they consume, each with a different set of priorities as to what is a deal-breaker for them (and with list and shelf space as limited as it always has been) it’s important to have wines that tick many boxes in your programme. And how many boxes do you want ticking with the wines from Emiliana?

Something for everyone

Reliable, high-quality and great-value juice inside the bottle? Well, that’s a given. We simply wouldn’t have been working with Emiliana this long as this if it weren’t the case – quality wine is most certainly the deal-breaker for us as a distributor. As for the rest: vegan and veggie? Tick. Organic or biodynamic? Tick tick. Sustainable? Huge tick. What more do you need?

It doesn’t really matter that Emiliana were ahead of their time – 20 years of organic and sustainable viticulture to produce wines of absolute quality is a track record you can trust. Top wine, thoughtfully farmed and sustainably made. We know we’ve told you about them a gazillion times but these guys really do know how it’s done – why not give their wine a try?

Here are some of the stand-out wines from the Emiliana portfolio:

Salvaje Syrah

Salvaje is freedom. It’s also an organic wine made without added sulphur and is the result of meticulous vineyard management. A vivid, wild and untamed red from Casablanca, it’s a wine with an attractive nose filled with black and blue fruits and followed by a velvety and elegant palate.

Emiliana Coyam

A wine that is named after the oak forests which surround Emiliana’s magical and spiritual Colchagua home, Los Robles. Coyam is the ultimate expression of the estate and is a field blend of their best grapes. Intense aromas of cherries and strawberries delicately blended with notes of tobacco, cedar. Juicy on the palate, with sweet, ripe tannins, real freshness, elegance and a lingering finish.


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