“Sherry, a sickly compound, the use of which will transform a nation, however bold and warlike by nature, into a race of sketchers, scribblers and punsters, in fact into what Englishmen are at the present day.” – George Borrow, 1862

We’ll have two pints of that then!

There is a definite thirst for all things artisan in the UK, and the outstanding Port and Sherry houses we work with are as artisanal as they come.

Port producer Wiese & Krohn is part of the family-owned Fladgate Partnership and is committed to its distinctive hand-crafted style, heritage and specialist reputation for old and rare cask-aged Ports, particularly single harvest Tawnies, or Colheitas.

This is a Port house specifically for independents, and our pricing is always informed by a thorough overview of the market, which enables our customers to sell these exclusive Ports at margins that make a lot of commercial sense.

The history … Back in 1865 two young Norwegians, Theodor Wiese and Dankert Krohn, founded the firm in Oporto, shipping initially to Scandinavia and Germany and later to markets around the world. In the century-and-a-half since its foundation, Krohn has built up an unrivalled reputation. Much of this secret lies in the high quality of their vineyards, that magical combination of terroir, locality, aspect, incline and low yielding vines.


They say sherry sales are down. We’re not seeing any of this. With the increase in tapas-style bars and a surge in good independent specialists out there, our sales of Fernando de Castilla are on the up.

If there was a ‘Best Sherry on the Planet’ award, Fernando de Castilla would win it every year for its cracking range. Charismatic owner Jan Pettersen produces some of the best sherries in the world right across the board; his classic range is younger, vibrant and versatile, while the antique range comprises sherries of complexity and sophistication, benefiting from blending older sherries from solera.

The Fernando de Castilla story begins with the aristocratic Andrada-Vanderwilde family, who for two centuries provided grapes and wine for the production of sherry in the area. In 1972 Fernando Andrada-Vanderwilde took over some old sherry cellars and brandy soleras from a couple of local bodegas, and changed the name of the company from Fernando III to Fernando de Castilla. The Sherries produced here remain among the finest in Jerez; from the pale, dry and elegant Fino to the most unique antique wines, this is an exceptional collection of multi-awarding winners.

If you want to offer your customers something they’ll not find in the supermarkets – fortified wines with provenance, heritage and a different story to tell – this is where to look… here’s a selection of the very best ports and sherries from these two fabulous producers.


Wiese & Krohn Krohn Lagrima White NV

A complex blend of old white Ports; served chilled this divinely amber colour, barley sugar, honeyed, nutty Lagrima is infinitely appealing and intriguingly complex. Notes of orange, herbs and a long finish make this a good match with foie gras, milk chocolate desserts or as an aperitif.

Wiese & Krohn Krohn Rio Torto Reserva NV

A Reserve Ruby with greater depth and opulence than the Ambassador. Its hallmark vibrancy and fresh, bright cherry and red fruit characters is testament to the superior quality fruit from the Torto Valley in the Upper Douro. Fantastic value.

Wiese & Krohn Krohn Colheita 1998

An attractively amber coloured Port with luscious caramel complexity, sweetness (195g/l) while retaining beautifully balancing acidity. If you like something with more age, this 1998 offers quality, age and character yet still remains safely under £20 retail.


Fernando de Castilla Fino en Rama NV

En Rama means “raw” as the sherry is taken directly from the sherry butt and not filtered. This is straw-coloured – darker than a normal fino as it has not been carbon-filtered. The aroma is yeasty with notes of apples and almonds. Intensely nutty and savoury on the palate with a distinct character of fresh bread and a salty tang. Dry with a bitter twist.

Fernando de Castilla Antique Oloroso NV

Friendly enough to convert most non-sherry drinkers, brilliant enough to wow Sommeliers. Very pure and classic attributes, fine polished and beautifully crafted. Quite earthy and masculine. Very dry and aromatic with walnut, spices and orange peel notes.

Fernando de Castilla Antique Pedro Ximénez NV

Reaches the parts other PXs can’t! Contains all the drama and intensity you would expect from a 20-year-old plus, 500g/l sugar PX, and you can drink it too. There is coffee, liquorice, sweet tobacco, prunes, figs, raisins, tea and a dozen other fleeting scents with a surprising lightness and delicacy. An incredible, seductive, luscious and wonderful to drink sherry.