Christmas Food and Wine Pairing - Boutinot

With Christmas just around the corner, it can be difficult in the mad rush to slow down and take the time to tell the story behind each wine to every customer. Food and wine recommendations are a great way of adding value to any wine transaction, and when they come with the recipe of the winemaker themselves they’re arguably even better…

Wine pairing – it’s the bread and butter of what we do. It’s the basis for any good restaurant wine list, it’s possibly the most common query of any wine merchant and it’s the perfect way for any self-confessed ‘connoisseur’, whatever that is, to prove their worth at a dinner party. Christmas – well, it too is what makes this industry go round: the busiest time of year for retailers and those in hospitality alike. So, what better than bringing the two together and doing Christmas Wine Pairing?! A holiday? Early retirement? Well, alright… but anyway, we’ve caught up with a number of our partners around the world to find out what their ideal food and wine Christmas looks like.


Whoever we spoke to was able to give us a really personal account of their Christmas experience; childhood memories, family recipes and traditions that demonstrate the diversity and breadth of cultures that the wine world is able to straddle. 

Christmas for us is all about family time, having a “Braai” and naturally having some great wine too.

– Ryno Booysen

Whether it was Christine at Clos Bagatelle in the Languedoc recalling her mother, Marie-Françoise, preparing game terrines to eat on the big day, or Ryno at Wildeberg in South Africa affirming that Christmas is about family time and “Braai” or Kathi Moser at Sepp Moser telling us of the Austrian Catholic tradition of eating Carp on Christmas Day and keeping a scale to bring wealth for the following year – there’s an infectious warm-hearted-ness  that comes from these kinds of food and wine experiences.

Feel free to take the recipes and share them with your customers or prepare them yourself!