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Get to know our new récoltant-manipulant Champagne house

Champagne Serveaux Fils tucked into a sleepy meander of the Marne river.


We’ve specifically been on the look-out for another grower Champagne producer for a while, and after extensive tastings (including blind) and an exploratory visit, we are delighted to bring you Champagne Serveaux Fils. A proper family owned grower-producer based in Passy-sur-Marne.

Vision, hard-work and a walnut tree


Georges Serveaux seen sitting up behind the horse with his team in the 1950’s

Whilst the story of champagne is long, illustrious and historical, inhabited by the venerable, grand houses established centuries ago…the story of Serveaux Fils is one of more recent endeavour (well, in Champagne terms anyway) hard-work and determination.

Georges Serveaux established himself in this corner of the Marne Valley in the early 1950s, at a time when very few people saw the winemaking potential. Having no funds to speak of himself, he borrowed money from a First World War veteran and began the painstaking work of clearing and preparing the land, unsure of how he would pay back his debt. Luck turned up in the unlikely shape of a walnut tree growing on his plot, which Georges cut down and sold to a timber merchant for a princely sum. This allowed him to keep going, keep striving and as they say, the rest is history.



Georges Serveaux

Originally a farmer and grower of cherry trees, he decided that the future looked vine-shaped and began with only 1 hectare of land in 1952.

The 3rd Generation

Hugo, Elodie and Nicholas Serveaux – the proud 3rd generation guardians of the domaine. Today, Champagne Serveaux Fils is the largest vine-grower in Passy-sur-Marne with 15 hectares.


A love song to Pinot Meunier

The estate is planted mostly with Pinot Meunier, which thrives in the soils composed of mainly limestone and clay. This sometimes underestimated variety is a speciality of Champagne Serveaux, and the family are proud members of the “Meunier Institut” which seeks to sing the virtues of this grape, the wines it creates and the producers who work with it. In fact three of the cuvées we have brought in are 100% Meunier – “Pur Meunier”, “Meunier d’Antan” and “Rosé de Saignée” which have a truly distinctive style and character. On the whole, malolactic fermentation is either prevented or only partial and lees aging is for a minimum of 36 months with lower than usual dosages which allow the fruit quality to shine through.


The immaculate, modern winery built in 2016.


Champagne Serveaux Fils is run by three siblings, Elodie, Nicolas and Hugo (who many of your met at the Spring Portfolio tastings) who proudly and continually move their family business forward. They have high standards of sustainability with HVE3 certification and work organically where possible.



We’re chuffed to be the first to represent Champagne Serveaux in the UK and hope that you like their wines as much as we do.

If you want to find out a bit more about each cuvée, click the images below or speak to your rep.

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