An Introduction To 'Maison Boutinot' - Boutinot

Head Winemaker, Eric Monnin, talks to us about how you manage to bottle the 'heart of the cheese'.

“The human story in this project is super important. All the wines we are creating are the result of good relationships.”

Off the back of the success of last year’s Côtes de Thau Rosé and the promising start for Edalise Côtes de Provence Rosé, we spoke to head winemaker, Eric Monnin, about the story behind Maison Boutinot – a project launched last year by our cohort of winemakers in France.

In the short interview, Eric talks about the work that goes into finding and producing each one, his model of winemaking is something that should be celebrated more widely in the wine industry, and the honest truth about a project without a business plan that became an unexpected hit:

What is Maison Boutinot?

“Maison Boutinot is not linked to a Domaine and is not pretending to have any vineyards – let’s be clear. But, it does have a bit of experience, a bit of knowledge, and a bit of cross-fertilised knowledge from our colleagues in different countries.”

“As we’re driving around the French vineyards, quite often we discover partners, producers, and wines that we just fall in love with. And, it’s not just by accident – it’s the fruit of several vintages. In the past, we have offered these wines to customers and nobody wanted them. Finally, a few years ago we decided not to blend these wines back into other labels or ‘throw them away’, and instead to create something unique.”

“In French, we say the heart of the cheese is the best part. The rest is good! But the heart can be really the best. And, I would say that it’s the heart of the cheese that Maison Boutinot is bottling.”

On Edalise Côtes de Provence Rosé:

“Edalise this year is just outstanding! I’m very demanding of Provence. I think that Provence is more expensive and must be delivering much more than the other fantastic rosé I think we have made. I took some time to agree on Edalise but I think finally it turned out to be a nice challenge.”

What about the future?

“We’ve created a little batch of Côtes de Thau Blanc. A tiny tiny volume that perhaps you’ll see some bottles if you’re kind to us…! After that? Definitely a red! But I don’t know which vintage, which appellation, which grape. We just don’t know yet but everybody is fermenting an idea so that Maison Boutinot could have a red. Why not next year?”