A new twist to Happy Hour - Boutinot


We’re a sociable bunch here at Boutinot and although it feels a little like vinous perjury, we’ve come to learn that parts of our inner circle are not as head over heels in love with the good stuff as we are.

Suffice to say, those not on the ‘grape vine’ put up with a lot. Allowing us winos to commandeer the wine list when we go out to eat. ‘Shall we have some English fizz? Or that Provence we all love?!.’ They humour our borderline wine snobbery as we huff and puff at a less than impressive list, and they even allow us to perform a ritualistic appraisal of each glass we sip.

But when it’s time to party, their patience is no more…They’ve switched off and are scouring the menu for something else entirely. They want cocktails and cocktails only. They LOVE cocktails.

And who can blame them? We’re witnessing a cocktail revolution. 


Remnants of tikki cups, lurid cherries and names that make you blush when you have to say them aloud still remain, however they’ve been refined and we have now entered a new cocktail realm. One of beautiful cocktail-paired tasting menus, elegant spritzes, and curated classics that pack a heady punch.

So, when our cocktail-loving cohorts come round to party, we’ll need a solution, a middle ground, a crowd-pleaser.

Life is just a cocktail party in the street.

-Mick Jagger


Enter the wine cocktail!  

We’ve tasked our favourite mixologists to come up with their finest interpretation of a Boutinot Wines cocktail. We’re rather chuffed with the results:




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