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The new-look Cuvée Jean-Paul range

Drumroll please…..

We are delighted to unveil the new look for our Cuvée Jean-Paul range. It’s a contemporary re-design that better reflects the easy-going, bistro-inspired wines that we know and love.

A new look for an old favourite

La vie en bistro

As the first ever French wines made by Boutinot, the Cuvée Jean-Paul range has a special place in our hearts. It embodies what we set out to do as a company and still strive to achieve today  – which is to make quality wines that are highly drinkable and offer good value for money. The fact that these wines are still popular with staff and customers 40 years later, is certainly a good sign and so, we felt it was high time we showed the range a little TLC.

A key element of the new designs was to make sure that the outside reflected better what was on the inside – and we took inspiration from the chic and classic style of a French bistro. 


Capsules and colours

The colours for each wine remain familiar and recognisable for each wine, but slightly brighter and more modern. The branded capsules are now in matching colours to make it easier to shop and stock the range.

Design and font

The amount of design elements on the labels has been really pared back to allow for greater legibility – we wanted the name to stand out better. Whilst the font is inspired by the previous label, it has been tweaked to make it cleaner, bolder and more contemporary.

Provenance is still key

When it comes to sourcing it has always been about finding the right wines to achieve the characteristic Cuvée Jean-Paul style and balance; and this is why for our Rosé, we will move back to IGP Gascogne as we have found wines of great personality and finesse there. The Blanc Sec and Demi-Sec will continue to be sourced from IGP Gascogne as before, with the characteristic zing and delicious freshness of the blend of Colombard and Ugni Blanc. For the Rouge, we have widened the net from IGP Vaucluse to IGP Méditerranée, a larger area that includes Vaucluse, as this will allow our winemakers and grower-partners greater scope to find just the right ingredients to help maintain the desired style and aromas year after year.

It’s actually quite a skill to maintain this level of consistency for the price, but our team know when to say “when”, like an experienced chef who knows instinctively when to stop tinkering with a dish. These are not over-engineered wines and we hope that the quality and freshness and balance speaks for itself.


Roll-out through September

The new designs will begin to filter through on orders throughout September on the 2021 vintage so keep an eye out. We hope the new look is well received by customers and that the Cuvée Jean-Paul range will continue to provide consistently characterful, quality wines for decades more to come.






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